YouTube TV finally has everything I need to cut the cord

Recent changes to SEtoos TV have left it with more content, but at a higher price. CNET's Logan Moy ran the math to see if its new offerings were enough for him to finally give up cable television.
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  1. Logan Moy

    Logan Moy3 månader sedan

    Update: It's been almost a month since I subscribed to SEtoos TV and cancelled cable. Some thoughts... -The cost of my Internet package ended up being $5 more outside of the bundle than I expected, but I don't have to pay taxes on Internet service (at least where I live) so the total cost to the ISP is $70 flat. -For the first month's charges, I did not have to pay taxes on SEtoos TV. Remains to be seen if that will change for the second month, but I'm not expecting it. -While I understand not everyone enjoys the live TV experience, I do, and this is the best live TV interface I've ever used (cable, satellite or streaming). -I'm saving a few dollars from cable, but I would not consider it a cheaper alternative. If you want a better version of traditional cable for a comparable price, I recommend giving SEtoos TV a shot.

  2. Matthew Sullivan

    Matthew SullivanDag sedan

    @Mitchell Adams you will not. You could however, look into a vpn to meet these needs. It would allow you to essentially “fake” where youre viewing from and allow you to watch your local team if the vpn has an ip address in the Cleveland area

  3. sakenu16

    sakenu1617 dagar sedan

    Christopher Contreras not sure is that much cheaper than cable considering some of the tv packages that bundle cable and internet. But it may depend on the number of cable boxes you have in your house. Sling and other streaming services are much cheaper than SEtoos TV. At $50 it was a winner but at $65, think it is too expensive. I do like their service but think the bump in price was just a tad too much. Plus now you also have all those streaming services which means less people are going with Live TV except for major live events and sports. Some people I know don’t even do anything besides the streaming services

  4. Christopher Contreras

    Christopher Contreras17 dagar sedan

    @sakenu16 you can cancel at any time. It's way more flexible than cable.

  5. ZCorp Alpha

    ZCorp Alpha22 dagar sedan

    Logan Moy Thank You ☮️

  6. Logan Moy

    Logan Moy22 dagar sedan

    ZCorp Alpha yep, any device that has the app, which is most of the major platforms.

  7. Chris Carter

    Chris Carter23 timmar sedan

    They need VICE

  8. Steve Steele

    Steve SteeleDag sedan

    I'd do it if it included SEtoos premium

  9. juanchita villamizar

    juanchita villamizarDag sedan

    king crimson

  10. Nathan Winslow

    Nathan Winslow2 dagar sedan

    We’re paying for Netflix, Hulu, prime, Disney plus, hbo, Starz, SEtoos tv and premium. I’m not sure how much all this is, but I’m pretty sure it’s over $100/ mo 😖

  11. ray737

    ray7375 dagar sedan

    Best honest review I’ve seen so far. Looking forward to trying it out. I hate cable boxes and just want the tv on the wall with no cables and 1 remote. Also I want live tv and capability to record shows. Thanks for the review.

  12. Willass Maximus

    Willass Maximus5 dagar sedan

    What they should do is create tiers for what you can be subscribed to. Some people only have cable to watch live news and use streaming for everything else. In my case I'm paying 30 for cable, then about another 120 for internet plus all my streaming services. Some of these also have exclusive shows so it's difficult to just get rid of them.

  13. mason mortar

    mason mortar6 dagar sedan

    ever since i cancelled the over priced service ive been bombarded w ads..guess theyre trying to force premium on me lol ! more n longer ads that ya cant selling out. Spotify is looking better n better !


    COLE BEN DOGGETT7 dagar sedan

    I'm not getting SEtoos tv. I got Netflix, plus the free tv apps of tubitv, pluto tv, crackle, plus SEtoos for free, plus cbs all access, and I'm good. I pay about 19 a month for my tv services. SEtoos tv would be good for me only if I was using it 4 to 6 months of the calendar year.

  15. Sherry Miedema

    Sherry Miedema2 dagar sedan

    Where are you getting CBS all access through? For $19 a month you're getting both Netflix and All Access? The only thing keeping me from canceling cable is the inability to get CBS without paying for it thru their app

  16. Pexter Gexter

    Pexter Gexter7 dagar sedan

    asmr roleplay

  17. imagrandpa

    imagrandpa9 dagar sedan

    Where is OAN?

  18. Laura Swimm

    Laura Swimm9 dagar sedan

    How to use the iTunes for setting another room for someone else, I have two other rooms that only one is on at a time but I want too set up their library?

  19. Edward Sing

    Edward Sing9 dagar sedan

    Science Channel?

  20. Ultimate Gamerfan83

    Ultimate Gamerfan839 dagar sedan

    SEtoos TV is also good because you can use it on the go and if you forget to record something when you're out with friends or work you can program it while your away from home. Its so convenient now you no longer have excuses to skip shows.

  21. blueeyessiamese

    blueeyessiamese12 dagar sedan

    You helped me a lot to understand a bit. My head has been spinning. I cut the cord when TV died so use computer on Amazon or regular SEtoos but I don't understand all the choices since I don't own a wall TV so I only watch online or on Cell Phone.

  22. Michelle Alexandria

    Michelle Alexandria15 dagar sedan

    amazing how many arrogant douchebags in this comment section and on the internet think they speak for everyone else and we all think exactly like YOU. Just because you hate Viacom channels doesn’t mean everyone else does. Just because you can’t afford something doesn’t mean no one else can. Just because you only watch two channels doesn’t mean everyone else watches what you do....

  23. Michelle Alexandria

    Michelle Alexandria15 dagar sedan

    My internet bill without my cable bundle would be almost $100 a month with it I pay $130 and get almost everything, along with the Apps. And personally, until I can get my internet through non cable companies, chord cutting is pointless because I still have to deal with the Cable Company I generally hate although they’ve been good in the last decade. If you just talk to them you can usually get a reasonable deal.

  24. Michelle Alexandria

    Michelle Alexandria15 dagar sedan

    I think it’s disgusting SEtoos Tv doesn’t include SEtoos Premium as part of the service

  25. Patsy Lou

    Patsy Lou15 dagar sedan

    Do you get walking dead,fear the walking dead, walking dead world beyond the new one's

  26. jtb8

    jtb815 dagar sedan

    Hey man I don't know what type of setup you have, But if you have a decent computer and a decent computer monitor say a 4K computer monitor and some decent stereo computer speakers you could save a lot more money than what you are showing that you are trying to save now in this video. By just paying for some good internet only, There are places that you can go online and watch all the TV programs and channels that you were talking about and what you are showing that you are paying for and they're online totally free.

  27. douglasr74

    douglasr7416 dagar sedan

    Shifty review, I don't care what you like or dislike. Just review the damn thing

  28. Arkim Williamson

    Arkim Williamson16 dagar sedan

    Arkimwilliamson SEtoos Twitter now

  29. Bryan Ensign

    Bryan Ensign17 dagar sedan

    FYI..If you are an AT&T wireless subscriber HBO MAX is free, so take the cost that off if you do. Its a pain to figure out how to set up and log in correctly, but once you do you're good forever.

  30. Mtg Mtg

    Mtg Mtg17 dagar sedan

    Regular TV sucks.

  31. Allen Fepuleai

    Allen Fepuleai18 dagar sedan

    My cable company increased my bill by $10 this month from $130 to $140. So I canceled my phone and tv service with them and am now paying $73 for 500/500 internet. Then I added SEtoos TV for $65. So basically I'm breaking even but it's still worth the switch since I get all my favorite channels with SEtoos TV and can stream on all my devices. Also, I don't have to worry anymore about replacing dvr boxes twice a year cause they keep having problems. Now I just need to buy my own internet router and I'll save another $10 per month.

  32. Simon Rudge

    Simon Rudge18 dagar sedan

    Wish it was available in the uk 🇬🇧 😪

  33. Karen Lueck

    Karen Lueck18 dagar sedan

    Great review and thank you. The one thing I still don't know is if I can fast forward through commercials on my recordings? That is a deal breaker for me if I can't.

  34. Sherry Miedema

    Sherry Miedema2 dagar sedan

    Me too - haven't seen that addressed yet, unless I missed it?

  35. Tamarah Quequish

    Tamarah Quequish18 dagar sedan

    Holy 170 is just for wifi and cable where I live.

  36. James Thompson

    James Thompson19 dagar sedan

    can you get dodger games

  37. Susan Miller

    Susan Miller19 dagar sedan

    My husband kept complaining about the cable prices and we got so tired of waiting on hold forever when we’d call. Local office is still not open because of the pandemic, and we could not even find out what the price of Internet was , separating it out from our bundle. Although we had a ton of channels available in our package, in reality we watch maybe 8, but could not cut this down without losing one of the 8. The final straw was that we couldn’t watch our Clemson football team because our cable company had no plans to offer the ACC Network! Paying an additional $70/month just to get this channel seemed crazy, because it would have brought our costs to $300/month. And that’s not counting what we pay for Amazon Prime and the Acorn network. So we finally packed up all the equipment and cancelled the cable. My husband does not do well with change and is having trouble with the guide and how to get a particular channel, but I have hooked it up to our Fire TV cube and Alexa will change the channel for us (only on one cube-cannot get her to do it on the other which will go in my scrap room). We are in our 70’s, so change is not as easy. One of the reasons we did not switch earlier is that they don’t carry the History channel, which is one of the 8 my husband watches. I like the Hallmark channels at Christmas, so will have to look at another method to get them for a few months. We are not saving a ton of money, but we were paying $236 and will now pay $150. Picture quality on our TVs has been awesome. In the area where we live, an antenna would not do us any good, so SEtoos TV, or one of the other streaming services, is the best option.

  38. MobileDecay

    MobileDecay19 dagar sedan

    Are you really cutting the cord? Somehow people now think cutting the cord is literally about the hatred for a coaxial cable. 🤦‍♂️

  39. Allan Mcgahee

    Allan Mcgahee19 dagar sedan

    CW, didn't see that

  40. U S A Patriot

    U S A Patriot19 dagar sedan

    History channel would be nice

  41. Cooper

    Cooper20 dagar sedan

    Your price comparison is just not correct and youre exploiting the after discount hike. We all know you wouldnt stay on that lrice you'd re contract.

  42. Poncho Romero

    Poncho Romero20 dagar sedan

    Can’t bet iptv channels and movies for $25 a month , nobody can bet this price

  43. David

    David20 dagar sedan

    I think Hulu has a better package deal, for roughly $62 a month you get live TV plus their library of television shows and movies, where SEtoos is very much lacking With available variety

  44. snuff dipper

    snuff dipper20 dagar sedan

    TUBI TV IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Jamar D

    Jamar D21 dag sedan

    WHAT is the tablet in the thumbnail? I can't tell but it looks really cool.

  46. Sheepy007

    Sheepy00721 dag sedan

    Thank god I stopped watching tv entirely. All the stuff I want to watch is on youtube and the occasional show on Netflix

  47. Bryan Miller

    Bryan Miller21 dag sedan

    I’d switch from atttv if they would bundle SEtoos premium with SEtoos tv

  48. Bryan Miller

    Bryan Miller21 dag sedan

    It’s even cheaper if you can get a friend or family member to split the cost with you and share the password information I use AttTV and it’s $70 a month but we split it with the in-laws house so I’m only paying half

  49. chocolate42069

    chocolate4206921 dag sedan

    A&E is the only channel that I watch that they don't have but all of their content is available on their website for free so really no loss.

  50. Bob Correa

    Bob Correa23 dagar sedan

    All in all, very helpful. One gripe. Seriously, you were judging video quality with a cartoon as the source! Not helpful.

  51. Desiree Flournoy

    Desiree Flournoy24 dagar sedan

    How would you connect to the internet?

  52. LostDutchman

    LostDutchman25 dagar sedan

    and then they go and dump Sinclair's regional Fox Sports networks which makes it a deal-breaker. At $65, it is back to cable tv for the same price with more channels.

  53. Sara Anderson

    Sara Anderson25 dagar sedan


  54. michael uk

    michael uk26 dagar sedan

    I'm sorry you have a giant piece of paper stuck to the wall and a marker pen & you can't add the figures up? Rather than being bitchy this makes me genuinely sad, that's truly awful. And they wonder why we object every time they suggest lowering the voting age 😒

  55. David Smith

    David Smith26 dagar sedan

    SEtoos TV has one terrible flaw. Their DVR service will often decide to dump some of your recorded stuff, even if it's only less than a week old. No reason, just gone. Want help with that problem? No way, Jose.

  56. Matt Robb

    Matt Robb26 dagar sedan

    Cancelled after the price increase 😬

  57. Andrew

    Andrew27 dagar sedan

    This was a really great video and super helpful. I'd love to see you make a revised version of this now that Google just held another event today and compare it to Hulu TV and other live services.

  58. Logan Moy

    Logan Moy26 dagar sedan

    Thanks! There hasn't been much new added to SEtoos TV since I made this (except even more sports), but I think a comparison to Hulu TV is definitely in order. :)

  59. Christopher Jones

    Christopher Jones27 dagar sedan

    You'll need to update this. As of 10/01/20, YTTV is dropping Sinclair and all Fox Sports channels. That's a HUGE loss and replaced only with NBC News. All recorded programs lost. YTTV is not reducing the price to reflect the losses. That makes YTTV a lousy deal now. Hulu is superior. Hulu has way more sports channels come October 1st, 2020 than YTTV. And don't be confused by the unlimited YTTV DVR vs the Hulu 50 hours. YTTV offers unlimited, but only for 9 months and then it's all deleted. Hulu allows one to delete programs they've already watched to free up space. YTTV does not. Besides, one can get Enhanced 200 hours with Hulu and still be less than YTTV.

  60. abuwadie3

    abuwadie327 dagar sedan

    Lakers channel for so cal. Otherwise no. Bein sports for soccer.

  61. scottie1430

    scottie143027 dagar sedan

    If they offered Grit TV and MeTv I would consider

  62. Ford Mustang

    Ford Mustang28 dagar sedan

    Can you change the due date to fit your liking though? 🤔

  63. Dendrxx Oliver

    Dendrxx Oliver28 dagar sedan

    I was a huge fan until they took the price up to 65. Like if i want the basic package with espn at 49 just leave me there.

  64. Dendrxx Oliver

    Dendrxx Oliver28 dagar sedan

    Its just so hard to swap back to xfinity because ive been on the youtube tv platform for so long and it works directly through my xbox etc.

  65. Anthony H

    Anthony H29 dagar sedan

    People need to get it through their thick skulls that this is actually cheaper than cable for A LOT of people! It would be STUPID and SUPER COMPLICATED to pick specific channels to pay for. Tiers also make it more complicated. I honestly don't understand why everyone is cancelling youtube tv over the ViacomCBS channels. This wasn't YT TV's fault, this was ViacomCBS' fault because they just want money. Sorry if I was a little mean and offended you, but I just couldn't help it.

  66. Smithereens

    Smithereens29 dagar sedan

    This can’t touch the Netflix, Hulu combo. Cheaper too. I wish these live service were cheaper.

  67. ChezlerTV

    ChezlerTVMånad sedan

    The only problem with this when you have limited internet data its gonna cost you a lot...

  68. ChezlerTV

    ChezlerTVMånad sedan

    How about international channel like TFC and GMA pinoytv?

  69. Black King

    Black KingMånad sedan

    You can get Netflix Hulu no ads bet plus Disney plus for cheaper lol all them under $40

  70. Robert Harris

    Robert HarrisMånad sedan

    What about international feeds ie: Globoplay Brazil?

  71. Lois Snowden

    Lois SnowdenMånad sedan

    Thank you help me decide about you tube tv

  72. itsyolislife

    itsyolislifeMånad sedan

    Univision for my parents 😔

  73. Jermaine Stewart

    Jermaine StewartMånad sedan

    Its missing Lifetime.

  74. Mike Baloga

    Mike BalogaMånad sedan

    Not having History in the lineup is a big bummer for me. Has everything else we watch.

  75. K

    KMånad sedan

    How is swapping a coax cable for an ethernet cable . . . cord cutting? idiots. The REAL DEFINITION of cord cutting: Put one of those giant, ugly antenna on your roof and buy some books to read. Done.

  76. sumaran72

    sumaran72Månad sedan

    I did not see Telemundo or Univision

  77. Herakles

    HeraklesMånad sedan

    Why is tv and cable so expensive anymore I just have internet and just not tv

  78. Herakles

    HeraklesMånad sedan

    I cut cable bc too much money here to see if SEtoos tv is good replacement

  79. Abe Haile

    Abe HaileMånad sedan

    Does anyone have a promo code?

  80. Albert McGuire

    Albert McGuireMånad sedan

    SEtoostv $65 a month. My cable TV is $75 with more channels. Not worth cutting the cord & have to pay another $6 to get weather Channel

  81. Kent DeVoll

    Kent DeVollMånad sedan

    Looking for INSP on SEtoos TV.

  82. Kamoshun

    KamoshunMånad sedan

    It’s amazing how many people in this comment section don’t understand that everyone is allowed to purchase what matches their needs. I have youtube premium, Hulu, Netflix, Internet, 4 phones & 2 iPads & it’s perfect for my family. I have directv ultimate just to sign in & watch sports & it’s honestly about to not be worth it. $65 is perfect for me.

  83. goku uzuchia

    goku uzuchia17 dagar sedan

    @Anthony H never said that ever heard of SEtoos Vanced?

  84. Anthony H

    Anthony H17 dagar sedan

    @goku uzuchia what do you mean? SEtoos TV doesn't give you YT Premium

  85. goku uzuchia

    goku uzuchia17 dagar sedan

    Your wasting your money on SEtoos premium when you get it for free

  86. Michael Scotty

    Michael Scotty18 dagar sedan

    Look, you’re paying way more than 65 bucks for all you listed.

  87. Anthony H

    Anthony H29 dagar sedan


  88. Matthew DiCecca

    Matthew DiCeccaMånad sedan

    Still much cheaper than the $200 I pay for cable and internet. I'm switching!

  89. Nancy Holmes

    Nancy HolmesMånad sedan

    Also, no Hallmark or Gameshow Network??

  90. Nancy Holmes

    Nancy HolmesMånad sedan

    Can you watch SEtoos TV on all my TVS? One subscription?

  91. MistOllie Vintage

    MistOllie VintageMånad sedan

    if you have a smart TV or on your smart phone or iPad download Pluto TV - tons of free channels and shows - you won't be sorry!!

  92. Adrian David Payne

    Adrian David PayneMånad sedan

    WARNING!!! On Demand shows have Ads! Lots of them! You can't skip them. For $65 and you still have to watch Ads! That's what I call Double Dipping. Cancelling!

  93. Sherry Miedema

    Sherry Miedema2 dagar sedan

    Thanks - deal breaker for me, so thanks for the post.

  94. Mike Harm

    Mike HarmMånad sedan

    peppa pig english episodes

  95. E. Cruz

    E. CruzMånad sedan

    Offer a $30 package and im in

  96. Buff Barnaby

    Buff BarnabyMånad sedan

    rip off it is $65 now.

  97. modaroho

    modarohoMånad sedan

    ill sub once its down to the sweet spot of $30

  98. Frankie123xyz

    Frankie123xyzMånad sedan

    I fall asleep to the daily wife loves HGTV. Thats an unexpected plot twist.

  99. Dirk Yarborough

    Dirk YarboroughMånad sedan

    $65? $780 a year? And the price can jump at any time? NNNNNNNNNNNOPE!

  100. Sergeant Danelarton

    Sergeant DanelartonMånad sedan

    I haven't had cable in 5 years

  101. Jons Blakk

    Jons BlakkMånad sedan

    NFL Network??

  102. Jasmine Washington

    Jasmine WashingtonMånad sedan

    MeTV, MTV 2, Teen Nick, and Nicktoons

  103. Lionheart Roar

    Lionheart RoarMånad sedan

    You Tube thinks we're stupid. This rollout is proof. They screw you with the introductory price, then screw you harder once you're "addicted". Nope, not happening.

  104. Marechan28 Gaming

    Marechan28 GamingMånad sedan

    It’s missing lifetime and history

  105. Joel Martinez

    Joel MartinezMånad sedan

    One major problem with these services. If you have an older smart tv or device it may not play this app because it can’t update anymore. This has happened to a Vizio smart tv I had and the youtube app itself will not play anymore because it can’t update the app. I’m assuming devices like the roku is the same thing?? Also iPads or iPhones. The older they are the chances of them not playing these services is greater. Buyer beware. We don’t have that problem with cable service. Although we have an older iPad 4 that will not play the cable tv app anymore. So be prepared to buy a newer smart tv or a newer roku or whatever device. That’s a big turn off for me to switch to sling or SEtoos tv.

  106. Keith Luken

    Keith LukenMånad sedan

    SEtoosTV is missing some critical channels (DIY and FYI for my wife) and no way to even add them on. They are so close to getting me, maybe soon.

  107. Jason Taylor

    Jason TaylorMånad sedan

    And youtube tv has doubled the cost in 2 years with crap I did not want. Its now the same price as a traditional cable package. I closed my account. I view and record my network shows. (ABC, CBS, NBC) and just by the seasons of the few cable shows on Amazon. At 780 a year for SEtoos TV, I can buy 26 seasons of shows in HD from Amazon. (Assuming 30.00 a season) Who watches 26 shows a year?. I know its not for everyone but this is as close as you can get for ala cart tv.

  108. DeVon Carter

    DeVon CarterMånad sedan

    Does it got B.E.T. , TNT, WGN, TBS, MTV and etc?? Cuz what we have isn't live tv and I missed that.

  109. Nicholas Lassotovitch

    Nicholas LassotovitchMånad sedan

    Not paying 25$ extra for NICKELODEON 😂

  110. Nicholas Lassotovitch

    Nicholas LassotovitchMånad sedan

    Dumb price hike

  111. Mike Lovelady

    Mike LoveladyMånad sedan

    I cut the Spectrum Silver TV cord and saved $68.75 per month. So far, I love SEtoos TV. I do hope they resist going up on price anymore for a long time, otherwise it will not be a great value.

  112. Jon Thompson

    Jon ThompsonMånad sedan

    I don't see A&E network

  113. Corbin O'Reilly

    Corbin O'Reilly27 dagar sedan

    Wife watches A&E, can’t switch until they add that.

  114. just a fluffy bunny slipper

    just a fluffy bunny slipperMånad sedan

    Not in Canada? Wtf?

  115. The Barking Crab

    The Barking CrabMånad sedan

    The price hike is a bummer but SEtoos TV is great for you to split the cost with a buddy or family member (even if they live in a different house). I split the cost of SEtoos TV with my mother who lives a couple cities away so it’s actually only $34 each after taxes. It’s great.

  116. imhereforit huntie

    imhereforit huntieMånad sedan

    This new price would be great if internet was included... I'll pass